[title of show]

[title of show] is a one-act, self-referential musical which chronicles its own creation. 

Join Jeff and Hunter and their two talented and attractive lady-friends, Heidi and Susan, as they write a musical
about writing a musical about writing a musical. An homage to the culture of Broadway and all things fun and wacky
[title of show] constantly and unabashedly asks the questions, "How many musical theatre references can you guess?" and
"What fourth wall?"

It features music and lyrics by Jeff Bowen and book by Hunter Bell, and will be directed by
MacMS's Artistic Director Kate Finnis. 

With a talented cast and production team, this musical will be a fun start to an exciting year!


Production Team:
Director: Kate Finnis
Asst. Director: Melissa McPhee
Producer: Roberta Whitford

Tech Manager: Sarah Campbell
Lighting Operator: Hayley Cole
Sound Operator: Chris Sutherland
Jake Severino as Hunter
Scott Dias as
Amy Neville as Heidi 
Elise Tobin as Susan
Macquarie Musical Society
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