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MacMS is challenged three teams to create brand new short musicals based on the theme ‘boundary’ in just one week. 

When the forest turns against you, you have to keep the light burning to stay alive. Will two lost strangers make it to safety together? Find out in 10080’s opening show, ‘The Forest’.

'The Rite to Remain Silent’ - In this peice of noir detective fiction, two investigators follow a case unlike any other, where the more they uncover the truth, the more about they uncover about themselves - whether they like it or not.

‘Talent’ is the story of two formerly best friends forced to negotiate a broken relationship. Who gets to be the star, the Beyonce or the back up? This show aims to tell us that we can all be Dreamgirls

COORDINATORS: Sarah Campbell, Daniel Hill

STAGE MANAGER: Morgan McKenzie


Book: Alex Giles

Lyrics: Janet Pollert

Music: Janna Failagutan 

CAST: Bronte Gavey, Jo Finnis, Simon Emmerson


Book: Andrew Fallon

Lyrics: Shannon Browne

Music: Aiden Brown

CAST: Simon Emmerson, Renae Goodman, Ali Kazwini, Mickey Polon


Book: Steph Mee

Lyrics: Luke Wilson

Music: Jeremy Kindl

CAST: Kayla Maree Spiteri, Lucy Taylor, Yulianna Leng, Ali Kazwini, Grace Slatyer