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At an audition for an upcoming Broadway production, the formidable director Zach and his 

assistant choreographer Laura put the dancers through their paces. Every dancer is desperate for work. 

After the first cut, 17 dancers remain. Zach tells them he is looking for a strong dancing chorus of four boys 

and four girls. He wants to learn more about them, and asks the dancers to introduce themselves. 

With reluctance, the dancers reveal their pasts.


Emma Campbell

Madeline Carr

Hayley Cole

Daniel Cullen 

Lizzie Dobb

Jo Finnis

Samantha Ford

Stephanie Goodman 

Louis Gregory

Jim Kinney

Niall Kumar

Megan Lloyd 

Logan McArthur

Melissa McPhee

Katherine Nheu

Nib Oswald

Erika Penollar

Carl Quitzau

Annabelle Redford

Tim Roach

Aarin Starkey

Eirlys Stubbs 

Elise Tobin

Melissa Toovey

Guy Webster


Director: Lauren Oxenham

Producer: Megan Lloyd

Musical Director: Chris Sutherland

Co-choreographed by Lauren Oxenham and Megan LLoyd
Technical Director: Tarrant Gibson

Lighting Operator: Sarah Campbell

Spotlight Operator: Sarah Morris

FOH Manager: Kate Finnis

Keyboard 1 - Paul Young

Keyboard 2 - Chris Sutherland 

Trumpet 1 - David Johnson

Trumpet 2 - Nick Thomson 

Trumpet 3 - Jon Emmett 

Tenor Trombone 1 - Jacob Gross 

Tenor Trombone 2 - Jordon Oxenham 

Bass Trombone - Zac Cherry 

Reed 1 - Ben Gray 

Reed 2 - Neta Arad, Anne Gray 

Reed 3 - Chris Blundell 

Reed 4 - Anica Baume, Ervin Tankiang 

Bass Guitar - Oliver Witt 

Percussion & Conductor - Tim Collins