About the Society

Celebrating THIRTEEN Years!

Macquarie Musical Society (MacMS) is a society dedicated to musical theatre. Typically
we produce between three and five shows a year ranging from student written to
professional productions in the 
Lighthouse Theatre (W11A) on Macquarie University’s
North Ryde campus, and in 2016 we celebrate our 13th year! 

Macquarie Musical Society is affiliated with Macquarie University and is run by a majority
of Macquarie University students. We elect a new executive each year to fill the roles of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Social Co-ordinator, Publicity, General, Junior, and Technical Officer

At MacMS we encourage all people to get involved in any way possible. If you enjoy
singing, dancing, acting, playing music or just the spotlight, we encourage you to audition. However MacMS is not only for the musically talented.

Our tech and backstage crew are always looking for a helping hand with building,
lighting operation, sound operation and rigging, and we also offer experience in 
front of house, costume design and creation
 and all elements of a production
team such as 
Directing, Producing, Choreographing and Music Directing

All roles are filled by members passionate about musical theatre, and if you share this
passion we invite you to be a part of our society.
Whether it’s as a fun hobby at university or a stepping stone for a future career
we look forward to seeing you around the theatre!
Read our constitution here: MacMS Constitution (2015)
The Executive 2017

President: Sarah Campbell
 Vice President:
Quin Brunner vice.president@macms.org
Eloise Plant 
Treasurer: Luke Murphy 
Mickey Polon social@macms.org
Publicity Officer:
Daniel Hill
Production Manager:
Jo Finnis
General Officer:
Daniel Whitehead general.officer@macms.org

The Lighthouse Theatre
We are located on Macquarie University Campus, building W11A: the Lighthouse Theatre.
Close to Macquarie University station, the M2 motorway, Epping Road and Lane Cove Road.
Parking for the theatre is located at 
parking lot N3 just off Gymnasium Road.
Macquarie Musical Society
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