Alice' was a fresh, electrifying production never seen on stage before this production in 2013,

 and which ran for 8 nights of completely SOLD OUT performances.

Written and Composed by two of our society's most distinguished talents, Joshy Said and Stevie Bryant, 

the show is about a young girl finding her voice within the chaotic world of a repressed Wonderland. The show is

set entirely in the dystopic world of Wonderland - a degraded victorian-esque steam-punk world,

where the Queen of Cabaret and Killings has been tyrannically ruling over her subjects.

Scarlett McGrouther as Alice

Logan McArthur as Wyatt Rabbit

Todd McHenry as Chesh

Bethany Lewis as Queen

Roberta Whitford as Dormouse

Jake Severino as Hatter

Jo Finnis as Hare

Emma Campbell as Jaq

Kate Finnis as Duchess

Stuart Owen as MockTurtle

Mario Brice as Caterpillar

Samantha Ford as Daisy

Stephanie Hunt as Tiger-Lily

Sophie Nyssen as Rose

Kristy Wales as Jasmine

David Glen as Tenof Clubs

Sarah Campbell as Loyalty

Alex Tolley as Cook

Tim Jobin Roach as DoDo & King

Skye Rayner-Pearse as Frog

Hayley Cole as Fish

Stephanie Goodman as Duck

Aarin Starkey as Lory

Becky Savage as Eaglet

Melissa McPhee as Canary

Scott Palmer as Toucan


Director: Stevie Bryant

Musical Director: Joshy Said

Producer: Liz Jameson

Costume Design: Katie Thorpe

Set/Lighting Design: Roberta Whitford

Book & Lyrics by Stevie Bryant & Joshy Said 

 Composed by Joshy Said