Bare follows the senior year of St. Cecilia’s graduating class, but mainly the romantic relationship of two students, Peter and Jason. While most of the class has to deal with everyday problems like homework, drugs, alcohol, sexual desires and memorizing lines for Romeo and Juliet, Peter and Jason must decide the best path to follow.


Director - Emma Young

Producer - Jo Finnis

Assistant Producer - Amy Neville

Technical Director - Jo Mackellar

Musical Director - Chris Sutherland

Executive Producer - Rebecca Dodds

Choreographer - Aarin Starkey

Stage Manager - Joel Montgomery

Production Assistant - Janet Pollert

Repetiteur - Paul Young


JASON: Leo Tracy

PETER: Jake Severino

IVY: Brooklyn Newey

NADIA: Célina Chiasson

MATT: Joshua Maher

LUCAS: Luke Murphy

TANYA: Sarah Bredan

KYRA: Ashley Roberts

DIANE: Elise Tobin

RORY: Lucy Taylor

ZACK: Max Seppelt

ALAN: Daniel Hill

CLAIRE: Rae Buecker

SR. CHANTELLE: Renae Goodman

PRIEST: David Wotherspoon


Sarah Campbell

Jack Clarke

Janna Failagutan

Steven O'Mara

Mickey Polon

Daniel Whitehead