Show Dates
Wednesday 6th August
Thursday 7th August
Friday 8th August
Saturday 9th August

The Lighthouse Theatre W11A
Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson (BBAJ) is a kick-ass show. 
From its opening power chord, this bloody bloody freight train cannot be stopped. 

A wild mix of historical fact and absolute artistic license, BBAJ pieces together the controversial life of America's seventh 

president to investigate the passionate beginnings of American democracy, exploiting a blend of irreverent comedy, radical 

theatricality and incredible emo rock.


With a deceptive collage of fast paced scenes - from cheesy melodrama to heart-wrenching realism - the charmingly vulgar Andrew

 Jackson relentlessly fuels the show, whilst cast and crew furiously lay down the tracks to create 

a musical experience you’ll never forget.



Directors: Jake Severino and Todd McHenry
Producer: Skye Rayner
Technical Designer: Roberta Whitford
 Director: Tim Collins


Lighting Op: Melissa Toovey
Sound Op: Dave Shirley
Backstage Manager: Steph Groat
Stagehands: Phillip Brophy,
Annabelle Radford & Sarah Morris

Andrew Jackson - Aarin Starkey

Bandleader - Amy Neville
Storyteller - Sarah Campbell

Rachel - Stephanie Goodman
Black Fox - Michael Murphy
Van Buren - Logan McArthur 
Lyncoya - Hayley Cole
Quincy Adams - Melissa McPhee
John Calhoun - Jo Finnis
Henry Clay - Brita Penfold
James Monroe - Roman Penna

Male Soloist - Daniel Cullen 
Female Soloist - Elise Tobin
The Cobbler - Tess O'Sullivan 
Elizabeth Jackson - Katie Thorpe

Drums: Tim Collins 
Keyboard - James Slack-Smith
Gutair - Chris Sutherland
Guitar - Jacob Dawson-Daley 
Bass: Joe van Wegan
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