Greater Heists

The 10800 Project

(One week. One New Musical.)


We asked MacMS to write and perform a 

short new musical in just one week!

Some robbers, a few diamonds, a heist, and one new musical. What could possibly go wrong?


CAST (in alphabetical order)


Hayley Cole - CASSIE

Jo Finnis - CONNER

Grace Slayter - LOUISE


So how did this whole thing work? 

On SUNDAY at 2pm the Scriptwriter (Sarah Campbell), Composers (Daniel Cullen and Matt McAnally) and

Lyricists (Shannon Browne and Nib Oswald) were put into a team by the project

 coordinators (Erica Penollar and Mel McPhee) and 

given their stimulus: DIAMONDS. 


Auditions were then held, and until 8PM the team began work on their initial idea.

MONDAY - TUESDAY - 6pm-11pm the writing team worked together in the Lighthouse Theatre! 

WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY - FRIDAY 6pm-11pm the actors were introduced to their scripts and songs and began rehearsing.

SATURDAY 8th AUGUST: 9am-7pm rehearsals and then a 7pm show! 

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