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Next to Normal is a high-octane rock musical following the struggles of Diana, a suburban mother and wife living with mental illness. As the answers to her condition become less clear, so too do the relationships and perceptions of her family, and most importantly - herself.

Winner of 3 Tony Awards, and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama (originally featuring Alice Ripley and Aaron Tveit), the show paints a painful portrait of the Goodman family as Gabe, Dan, and Natalie watch Diana disintegrate amidst Tom Kitt’s incredibly catchy and beautiful score. Featuring songs such as “I’m Alive”, “I am the One”, “Light in the Dark”, “Super Boy and the Invisible Girl”, and “Just Another Day”, Brian Yorkey’s compelling writing tackles the complexity of mental illness on the musical theatre stage with confronting accuracy and substance. 

Upon its debut, Next to Normal redefined the perception of what musical theatre could be, and MacMS is proud to present this stunning, ground-breaking work to the Sydney theatre in an exciting and inventive production.

Elise Tobin
Jared Pallesen
Andrew Mulholland

Amy Neville
Michael O'Sullivan

Sam Howes

Director: Jo Finnis

Producer: Melissa Toovey

Music Director: Kate Finnis

Technical Director: Tarrant Gibson

Stage Manager: David Glen

Production Assistant: Steven O’Mara