A well loved classic, "The Pirates of Penzance" follows young pirate apprentice,

Frederic, is about to be freed from his indentured period. The honourable Frederic,

who was mistakenly apprenticed to the pirates by his partially deaf nursemaid Ruth, 

has decided to leave the pirate life. Now a free man, Frederic leaves for the shore. What follows 

is that of love at first sight, a battle between incompetent pirates and fearful policemen, miscommunication

and misunderstandings and many amazing and hilarious songs. 

Nib Brattoni

Adam Caton

Tom Cousins

Daniel Cullen

Ayden de Courcey

Emma Fearnley

Siobhan Harvey

Mitch Horwood

Jessica Jongens

Flick Knibbs

Claire Liersch

Emelia May

Roman Penna

Carl Quitzau

Lachlan Stafford

Adelaide Tinkler

Elise Tobin

Bridie Verrell

Henry Yau

Director: Lauren Oxenham

Producer: Louis Gregory

Tech Director: Rob Wilkinson

Musical Direction: Lauren Farquhar and Isaac Reefman