Songs for a New World

"I don't want to philosophise. I just want to tell a story."

Songs for a New World is a ‘very theatrical song cycle’ by Jason Robert Brown. 


The songs are connected by the central theme of ‘the moment of decision’, 


which explore and expose intense personal stories and emotions. The music of the 


show borrows from a broad range of musical genres including pop, jazz and gospel, 


culminating in a compelling and accessible piece of theatre.


Fri 22nd May

Sat 23rd May


Wed 27th May

Thurs 28th May

Fri 29th May

Sat 30th May



(in alphabetical order)


Christian Berechree

Emma Campbell

Jin Choi

Jay Cullen

Sean Curran 

Lizzie Dobb

Jo Finnis

Renae Goodman

Steph Hunt

Elise Tobin

Guy Webster



Director - Kate Finnis

Assistant Director -  Aarin Starkey

Musical Director - Paul Young

Producer - Lauren Oxenham

Technical Director - Sarah Campbell

Lighting Operator - Kiya Suitz

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