The Last 10 Years - A MacMS Revue!

What is The Last 10 Years all about?

This year has been a special one, marking 10 years of MacMS, and we want you to help 
us celebrate! While we won’t legally be allowed to drink for another 8 years, we’re not
going to let that stop us partying! 

So whether you’re an old member or new; on-stage or crew, come join us for a night of
party-hats, friends, reminiscing, and of course - Musical Theatre! 

With show tunes from the last 10 years of MacMS ready to light up our very own
Lighthouse Theatre stage, this will be a night of fun you do not want to miss.

WHEN: Dec 13th - 8pm
WHERE: The Lighthouse Theatre
WHAT: A night of fun, reminiscing, and show tunes from the last 10 years of MacMS!

Show Date

On the stage for one night only:


Saturday 13th DECEMBER

---Production Team ---

Director/ Producer: Kate Finnis
Choreographer: Lauren Oxenham
Set Design: Melissa Toovey
Video Editor and Game Master: Jake Severino
Sound+Lighting Op: Sarah Campbell
Mic Hand: Hayley Cole


(in alphabetical order):
Jo and Kate Finnis
Aarin Starkey
Amy Neville
Daniel Cullen
Elise Tobin

Emma Campbell

Jake Severino

Andrew Mulholland

Becky Anne

Brita Penfold

Charmeuse Fauvet

Christian Berechree

Courtney Pink

Eirlys Stubbs

Jo Finnis

Joshy Said

Katie Thorpe

Lauren Oxenham

Louis Manon

Lizzie Dobb

Maddie Carr

Mark Conroy

Mel McPhee

Melissa Toovey

Nial Kumar

Roberta Whitford

Sam Whitaker

Samantha Ford

Sophie Nyssen

Steph Goodman

Steph Hunt

Tess O'Sullivan

Tim DeSouza

Todd McHenry 

Macquarie Musical Society
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