The Musical of Musicals: The Musical!


The Musical of Musicals (The Musical!) is a musical about musicals! In this hilarious satire of musical theatre,
one story becomes five delightful musicals, each written in the distinctive style of a different master of the form, from
Rodgers and Hammerstein to Stephen Sondheim. The basic plot: June is an ingenue who can't pay the rent and is threatened by
her evil landlord, Jitter. Will the handsome leading man, Billy, come to the rescue? She’d better ask advice from
the wise matron, Abby. 

The variations are: a Rodgers & Hammerstein version, set in Kansas in August; a Sondheim version, featuring the landlord as a
tortured artistic genius who slashes the throats of his tenants in revenge for not appreciating his work; a Jerry Herman version,
as a splashy star vehicle; an Andrew Lloyd Webber version, a rock musical with themes borrowed from Puccini; and a
Kander & Ebb version, set in a speakeasy in Chicago. 

If you want a musical that is corny and homespun, over-the-top and melodramatic, edgy and a bit sordid, twisted and
discordant, flashy and larger than life, then The Musical of Musicals is for you.

Production Team
Directed by: Aarin Starkey
Feature Directors: Sarah Campbell & Tim Jobin Roach
Produced by: Roberta Whitford & Skye Rayner
Choreographer: Stephanie Edmonds
Assistant Choreographer: Hayley Cole
Vocal Director: Stephanie Hunt
Laura Bailey
Nick Burton
Emma Campbell
Daniel Cullen
Pete Davidson
Kate Finnis
Jo Finnis
Samantha Ford
Leesh McCormick
Stuart McOwen
Melissa McPhee
Jake Severino
Kieran Tolley

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