The Wharf

Greed, deception, love and tragedy
‘The Wharf’ is a story of greed, deception, love and tragedy wrapped around a comedic look into
the behind the scenes of a prestigious and glitzy restaurant. However, when restaurant manager Tim
develops a taste of greed and starts stealing the tips, speculation inevitably grows amongst the gossip hungry
waiting staff, forcing Tim to craft an epic plan to destroy all those who stumble across his dirty deeds. Falling
down a murderous path of insanity, Tim destroys everything he once held close to him, until one waiter begins
to fight back. Can good overpower greed? And can Tim maintain the class and etiquette of a top notch
restaurant with such a dark underbelly?

More on The Wharf:
(Adapted from the website of Crab House The Musical)

After it's beginnings at the Lighthouse Theatre, and a successful run, the show’s composer Joe Kiely moved to New York
City. Here THE WHARF became CRAB HOUSE.  Along with a team of writers, Kiely began the overhaul of the original script
and story. CRAB HOUSE quickly swapped Sydney for a New York setting, characters were culled, new characters created, and the
show was Americanized – to fit it into its new city.

After CRAB HOUSE’s 2011 sold-out run Off-Broadway, Crab House was accepted into the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The team
held a successful run on the Scottish shores, and once again the show went under the knife, the score enriched,
and the script & story 
reworked to make the new look of CRAB HOUSE – A BLOODY CABARET, ready to return to the
Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2013.
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