Urinetown - The Musical

What is Urinetown?

Urinetown: The Musical, written by Mark Hollmann and Greg Kotis, and winner of three 2002
Tony Awards, is an earnest tale of love, greed, and revolution. It has wit, it has intelligence – and it also has
an enjoyable surplus of vaudeville gags, physical comedy and low-brow humour. 

In a town plagued by a 20-year drought, the citizens must pay towering taxes and fines to carry
out their most private and basic of needs. Out of the mass of the pitiable, a hero rises to lead his fellow citizens
against the tyrannical regime.

Drawing on the satirical tradition of startling audiences and shaking
their ways of thinking, Urinetown challenges your expectations. 

But most importantly: it’s really, really funny.
We had a couple of cast members perform the 
opening scene
 of Urinetown - the musical on 2ser 107.3FM!
 Listen here to find out all about the show!

Show Dates

Friday 31st October

Saturday 1st November


Wednesday 5th November

Thursday 6th November

Friday 7th November

Saturday 8th November

(in alphabetical order)

Nib Brattoni
Madeleine Carr
Daniel Cullen
Lizzie Dobb
Jo Finnis
Stephanie Goodman
Andrew Jackson
Melissa McPhee
Michael Murphy
Amy Neville
Stuart Owen
Brita Penfold
Erica Penollar (Dance Captain)
Tim Roach
Jake Severino
Elise Tobin
Melissa Toovey
Sam Whitaker


Director: Emma Campbell
Producer: Logan McArthur
Musical Director: Chris Sutherland
Choreographer: Lauren Oxenham
Production Designer: Michael Twomey
Stage Manager: David Glen
Stage Hand: Sarah Morris
Set Construction/ Lighting Op: Tarrant Gibson
Sound Op: Sarah Campbell
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