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Have you ever sat in a bar and wondered about the stories of those sitting around you?

Jukebox - The Musical is an exciting new ‘slice of life’ musical. Set entirely in one bar on its closing night, we peek into the conservations of each of the characters and piece together their stories. Featuring songs by Passenger, Ed Sheeran, Panic! At the Disco, Sawyer, The Temper Trap and an original script, Jukebox is sure to capture your heart and ignite your imagination.


Director - Sarah Campbell

Producer - Jake Severino

Technical Director - Jo Mackellar

Production Designer - Karina Bodnaruk

Executive Producer - Eloise Plant & Quin Brunner


Dominique Berechree: Kelsi

Emily Boffa: Jane

Sarah Bredan: Leia

Reina Caballero: Lois

Janna Failagutan: Casey

Jo Finnis: Rosie

Renae Goodman: Robin

Emily Haldane: Jen

Daniel Hill: Sam

Ali Kazwini: Seb

James Miller-Argue: Evan

Luke Murphy: Dean

Taylor Musa: Alex

Janet Pollert: Ada

Mickey Polon: Riley

Ashley Roberts: Nina

Lucy Taylor: Eve

Elise Tobin: Kai

Daniel Whitehead: Dan